The BLT Annual Meeting and Social was attended by 50 members and friends of BLT on Saturday evening, June 3rd at Mac’s Café. The success of the season’s productions was reflected by the fun and celebration.

Among the evening’s festivities, six Appreciation Awards were presented by the Board of Director including:

• Amy Cannard for her stage managing contributions to Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play;
• Sis Fleming for producing of The Game’s Afoot/Holmes for the Holidays;
• Wynne Jenkins for her costuming talent reflected in Elvis Has Left the Building;
• Bob Snodgrass, Jr. for directing and Cecilia Snodgrass for lighting Flowers for Algernon;
• Sarah Altomari for her varied contributions to the season.

Six Recognition Awards were also presented, including:
• Stefan Lingenfelter and Katy Wayne for their performances in God of Carnage;
• Phil Ball and Stephanie Kobil for Elvis Has Left the Building;
• Rik Medic and Sharon Lee Chernick for Flowers for Algernon.

The Board of Directors Award was presented to Bob Craig for his dedication to the theatre in the 2016-2017 Season, which included attending every performance of every show in order to expedite the implementation of the online ticketing system, as well as leading the painting and air conditioning efforts. Chairman Sue Collar presented this award, also singling out Shirley Ann Minehart for originally spearheading the online ticketing initiative and leading the qualification of the platform chosen. Sue also recognized the very generous contribution made by Lynn and Susan Sontum, earmarked for insulating BLT, which was carried out this spring.

The final award of the night was made by Ron Lockwood, who paid tribute to longtime friend and BLT Life Member Sue Collar, for her fifty+ years of loyally finding ways of advancing the cause of the theatre across its ever changing spectrum of needs.