Award-winning playwright and Butler native, Don Orwald is returning to Butler’s Preston Park for two performances on August 5th and one performance on August 6 showcasing his work about the building of the Bantam Jeep and the acomplishments of the Monuments Men, soldiers who save great art works stolen by the Nazis.

The Bantam Jeep , which was  designed and built in Butler PA at the Bantam Car Works late in 1940 , went on to revolutionize  ground warfare with its innovative and multi-purpose design. Orwald’s play begins with the folks at the Bantam taking on the challenge of building such a vehicle for submission to the rigorous tests of the US Army .Orwald’s script focuses on the struggling Bantam Car Works’ race to get the Jeep   built and approved for battle.

The second show of the evening moves far ahead in time to a visit by two Monuments Men to the Kimble  Art Museum in Fort Worth ,Texas. There two Monuments men both who had been on the trail of Art works since since the 40’s were still on the job 60 years later. This script focues on their attempt to return a painting  that had been stolen  during the War to a family in France and had been traced to the Kimble.

These productions will be staged at Preston Park  at 415 Eberhardt Rd and it is suggested that attendees bring a blanket or lawn chair for a night out of doors. Presale tickets are available at (Search for Don Orwald Arts Initiative.) This event benefits the Mary Jo Mohn Covert Scholarship at BC3. Established in 2010 this scholarship fund honors Mary Jo and her work with Butler area theatre.